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10 Oct 2020

After few monts of testing and adding new features to the game, is time to host 24h our server, feel free to play, this OT is not pay to win, Show yours best skills on PVP war mode!

6 Jun 2020

Ultra Rapid fire (U.R.F) Active! fast attack, cooldowns -50% fast spells, Double Experience, Double Base Speed

3 Jun 2020

Coming soon NEW! Upgrade System for weapons and equipment (+Critical, +Skills, +Life and +Mana Leech)

1 Jun 2020

New shop and trainers area!, you can stay training or buying safe, if the map changes you don't be teleported.

1 Jun 2020

Remember public accounts 1/1 dont save advances on logout. Only can save their advances for 3 remaining lives.

24 May 2020

Adding basic full outfits addons and mounts

24 May 2020

Now infinite runes and potions

Event Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F)!
6.6.2020 -
New Updates!

Players can PUSH fast others players.

Fast step DIAGONAL

Up/Down STAIRS was reduced 1s left to use actions.

Upgrade Weapons System (Crit, +Skills, liefe and mana leech.. Testing weekend 80% worked, maybe full system works next week)

DEPOT in Trainers and Shops

Adding Bosses and Mini Bosses on map

Old Diagonal

New Fast diagonal

Old Push

New Fast Push

oOld New Old New

29.5.2020 -
Come to play this Saturday!

Ultra Rapid Fire Event (U.R.F)

Fast attack, cooldowns -50%, +Speed, GOLDx2, Double Exp

Only saturadays... them we back normal stages

22.5.2020 -
Warcores Ot war MOBA style server

Warcores is a open tibia war server, you will find many hours of fun, you can play either with your friends or alone, dont wait for a team to fight you will already have a team on login, the implemented war system is designed like Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), defend your base and your flag, balanced teams preventing one team being bigger than another, we focus on balanced vocations to avoid disadvantages, this type of MOBA starts with a Medium Rate Equitment (MRE) you will get the basic equitment to survive, time to fight time to conquer do your best strategy to win.

Public Account Account: 1 - Password: 1 (100+ players)

Real tibia map version 7.4 for tibia client 10.98

Server Info:

  • IP: (Port: 7171)
  • Client: 10.98
  • Online: 24/7
  • World type: WAR
  • Public account: 1 / 1


  • Full Outfits Addons
  • Mounts
  • Gold Coins
  • On LvL Up
  • On Kill
  • Private Account Code! - Get top fragger


  • Change Map - Every 30 minutes
  • Capture The Flag (C.T.F) - Always
  • Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F) - One day a month
  • Game of Thrones (G.O.T) - One day a month


  • Battle Teams - (Not colors, choice your favorite outfit colors)
  • Custom Party Teams System - Enemys get red shield like guild wars
  • Skull system - Get different skulls on kill more enemies
  • Frags system - Display most fraggers


  • Exp Rate: x100
  • Magic Level: x50
  • Skills: x500
  • Loot: x1
  • Spawn: x1

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